MizLiz is a circus artist, clown, designer and producer. She is a company member and teaching artist with The Super Scientific Circus and The New Victory Theater.  After receiving classical theater training and a BFA from The University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Liz became a humor therapist and is a 28 year member of The Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit  and now Healthy Humor Inc.  

Liz also received the Raul Wallenberg Humanitarian Award for her work with critically ill children.

More performance credits include: The AEMI International Clown Festivals in China and New York International Clown Festival, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors, The Metropolitan Opera,

Art Park, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, The Cape Playhouse, The DuPont Theater, The Brooklyn Children's Museum, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, Philadelphia Children's Museum of Art, Michigan State Fair and Holland Village, Nagasaki Japan.

Therese Schorn  is a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. She has been combining her artistic talents and theater experience since 1979 as a costume designer, visual artist and physical comedienne.  Her solo show was recently featured at the International Puppet Festival in Taiwan. She has been a member of The Ensemble Movement Theater, The Illusionary Theater, The Grand Falloons, Philadelphia Children's Museum of Art and The Super Scientific Circus, performing in schools, museums and hundreds of special events.

Therese has performed in NYC, San Francisco, Ireland, France, Italy and the AEMI International Clown Festival in China.  She is currently a 28-year member and Clown Doctor with the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit, Healthy Humor Inc. and Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Gang Camps in the US and Europe.

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